Writing about Writing

I’ve been meaning to start a blog about what I’m working on, and now that I’m off most social media, the time has come. I’ll be posting short pieces here about what I’ve been working on, researching, and general adventuring as it relates to music, and probably other things. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep post an update weekly, but nothing is binding me to that, so we’ll see how it goes.

This year has been full of fun projects large and small. We had a great run of Rat Girl, a new musical that I made a bunch of new music and sound design for.

Thunderbird also produced Show Down! a show that I co-wrote, co-produced, and created music/sound design for.

Lots of little projects were, and continue to be afoot. I’ve done a few little projects for podcasts, some of which are delayed or put on a back burner.

The big projects I’m working on include the opera, Counter-Anthem, the first of what will likely be a trilogy Handbook for the Revolution. This is the largest project I’ve dedicated myself to in a while. At the moment, I have two sections to complete and orchestrate. I hope to produce the opera in full in early 2015, funding-permitted. I should probably write a post dedicated solely to this project. (Spoiler: I did. It’s here.) Continue Reading →

Thunderbird’s SHOW DOWN! Opens Soon

I co-wrote this show with some fellow Thunderbirds AND I’m doing sound design and music composition. It’s funny and silly and a little grownup. More info below!

Click here to get your tickets!

Show Down!

Stay Tuned for Hilarity: Thunderbird Theatre’s ‘Show Down!’

KQED’s Sam Hurwitt says,

“…A lot of the play’s hilarity comes from the ridiculousness of the TV shows themselves, especially the game show There’s a Squid in My Pants, Maybe, with Sberlo as a glowering, cigar-chomping clown. We get tastes of tough-as-nails judge reality shows, formulaic sitcoms, cop shows, soap operas, and everything in between, including a well-aimed jab at a beloved cult series…”

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Rat Girl is Open!

It’s often said that the best film scores are unnoticed; neither intrusive or showy, an organic compliment to the film. I gauge my sound design to achieve the same feat. To that end, here are some reviews in which my sound work for Rat Girl is not mentioned:

Sam Hurwitt of KQED Arts said, “…”

Jean Schiffman of The Examiner said, “…”

Emily Chandler of Theatre Play by Play said, “…”

Charles Kruger of TheatreStorm said, “…”

Rat Girl is open now and runs through May 24th, at The Exit theater.

Tickets are available here!

Here are some samples of my work from the show.