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Horseback Riding at Wawona

All of the horses seemed reluctant to begin the ride, which is understandable. I am equally if not more difficult to dislodge when I am grazing. I was riding a horse named Pony. We were slow throughout the ride, but adequately brought up the rear of our group. Pony lost her footing several times, slipped […]

Antidote for Misfortune

I wrote a goddamned poem because a goddamned book told me to. Upstairs, City Lights Bookstore I shed some time upstairs in, Poetry again, In the rocking chair, in the rocking chair, In the rocking chair. A woman across the narrow alley, Violently reels in laundry strung across an escape, A cellist plays for no […]

The Chronicle of Times

I’m back to work on the final two sections of the opera after a brief hiatus for grant-writing, the subsequent grant-rejections, and its associated wound-licking. This week I’m working on the opening section of the opera: I. The Times. The musical portion of the section was actually the first piece I wrote for this project. […]