Interchange Music

The Interchange Orchestration Technique is a solution to the logistical problems associated with producing live musical theater, opera, chamber and orchestral music. By making parts interchangeable and playable by multiple instrumentalists, productions have a new element of scalability. Additionally, multiple arrangements of a given work could be created from its inception; that is, a single orchestra piece will instantaneously be prepared for string quartet, brass quartet, etc.

The Interchange Orchestration Technique

The structure uses 8 numbered parts, each with an A/B subdivision. In its full complement, the instrumentation can mostly accommodate a full orchestra, chamber orchestra, or wind ensemble.

Each part can be played on at least 5 different major instruments, and several of their minor counterparts. Likewise, each instrumentalist can play at least three different numbered parts, including both of its A/B subdivision.

More information can be found on the Interchange Music website.

Recordings from the exhibition concert are below: