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III. On the Way to Work

EMILY: And on it goes, And ev’ryday, The distance grows, Eating away, What was you and I.

LISA: I can’t hear myself think. It’s only five to nine and I need a drink.

JOHN: How much longer ’til we get there, I should have called in sick to work. Would I waste all my time online there, If my boss weren’t such a jerk?

EMILY: And on it goes, And we pretend, A light still glows, There at the end, You give what you get.

JOHN: Get another cup of coffee, My only respite from the rat race. Yet another cup of coffee, ‘Til stronger drugs are legal in the workplace.

IV. At Work

LISA: I’ve been asleep now for days, I’ve been asleep now, for maybe weeks, Just awaking from a long slumber, I feel the blush back on my cheeks.

JOHN: The office has a hum, It’s always been there, but right now it sounds like songs, Sung just for me, and it’s the sound of victory, And I thank you constantly, For the effect you’ve had on me.

V. On the Way Home [Conclusion]

*Note the sample clip begins immediately following the emergency train stop.*

EMILY: Listen how, it’s all so quiet now, Set in a stationary undertow, a mile below the urban ocean.

JOHN: Trains stopped on a track, Only moving forward and back.

LISA: Look at how, in all the windows now, The tunnel walls that define our connection, superimpose our reflections.

JOHN: Deviating from the course it stays, Waking after weeks and days.

EMILY: Listen how we have no words, Not silent but unheard.

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